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  • Businesses/Corporations: Products, Services, History, Career Opportunities, & Contact Information

  • Non-Profit Organizations: Promotion & Fundraising

  • Special Interest: Entertainment, Weddings, Parties, & Birthdays






Five Page Web Site

Includes the Following:

-Initial Consultation

-Web Site Development *

-Web Site Publication

-Scan Business Logo

-Basic Graphic Design

-Domain Name Registration (2 Years)

-Host Web Site (Free Hosting Provided by Tripod)

-Web Site Visitor Counter (Free Counter Provided by BCentral)


*No templates are used in creating your web site.  



Updating and Changing Your Web Site.


**Generally a web site requires updates or changes only occasionally.  If you require monthly web site maintenance, we have a variety of monthly web site maintenance plans that will fit your individual needs and budget.  


If you would like to avoid these fees, then you may want to consider private lessons provided by NAKANO CONSULTING.  See below for more information.


Domain Name Registration


Web Site Hit Counter


Internet Banners


Email Mailing List

-Free Mailing List Provided by Yahoo Groups


Business Literature Consulting (Copy Editing)

NAKANO CONSULTING will evaluate your literature for spelling, grammar, content, and presentation.  We will give you advice on how to improve your literature so that it will be concise, appropriate,  and effective.


Digital Photography

Photographs (Northern California Only)

NAKANO CONSULTING will visit your business and take pictures of you, your staff, your products, and your company’s building so that we may personalize your web site.


Scanning Photographs & Graphics


Custom Graphic Design


Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are for individuals who would like to learn how to develop and maintain web sites.  The short-term costs are minimal compared to the long-term return on your investment.  As a result of private lessons, you will be able to create many different custom web sites and maintain them without worrying about web site design or maintenance fees.


     -Session 1: FrontPage Web Site Editing Software Basics

     -Session 2: Web Site Tools and Web Site Hosting

     -Additional Sessions: As Requested


**Does not include FrontPage software 

Private lessons provided for clients located in the greater Sacramento area and the bay area only.  For clients located in the bay area, additional travel fees will be added to the basic fee.


Business Card Design & Printing


Automobile Sales on Internet:  

We will help you sell you car on the internet.  We will leverage the reach of the internet to sell your car quickly and for the price you want.  


To learn about some of our clients, click here.




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